BOWdometer helps you build confidence that your practice is paying off.

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Here's how easy it is to build consistency with BOWdometer

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BOWdometer comes with straps to attach to any bow in seconds – recurve, compound, crossbow, longbow - you name it.

You can attach BOWdometer with a mount too. Don’t worry – it won’t wreck your bow.

Start shooting

Watch as shots are instantly counted on your BOWdometer. You'll get simple, actionable feedback to help you build consistency as you practice. Use the BOWdometer app to gain insights into your shooting history.

Here's what archers are saying about BOWdometer

After using the BOWdometer for one and half months, I can definitely see improvements in my shot execution index. The more I use it, the more I learn.

Joella Bates

This is absolutely unprecedented! A device that can literally track your shot processes and tell you in a clear way how to improve.

Brandon Richard

Easy installation

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Track shooting consistency

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Gain insights into your shooting history

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