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Building archery consistency with BOWdometer

You've heard it a million times – consistency is the key to archery. From your setup to your stance, you focus on improving every time you shoot. You can see where your arrows hit. You know how that last draw and release felt.

But how do you know you’re being consistent?

It’s the question that drove us to create BOWdometer – the world’s first archery practice companion. 

BOWdometer is more than just another shot counter. It packs a smartphone’s worth of sensors into a small half ounce package that mounts on any bow. BOWdometer tracks your shot from raise to draw to release and gives it a shot execution index ranking – it's what we call that Shot Xi. 

The goal with BOWdometer is to make each number as close together as possible – just like on your target. The closer your grouping, the more consistent your shots. After your first 50 shots, you’ll get your level – from 1 to 8. At the end of each session, your level is updated based on your recent shot history. 

Every time you practice with BOWdometer, you’ll work towards levelling up.  You can even use the optional BOWdometer app to visually compare your shots after a session. 

Take the guesswork out of consistency with BOWdometer. You can order yours today at