Frequently Asked Questions

Where is BOWdometer available?

We're currently only taking orders for the US and Canada. Sign up below to be the first to know when BOWdometer is available in more countries.


When will I get my BOWdometer? 

BOWdometer ships when you order. You'll get a tracking notification ASAP.


How much is shipping? 

We offer DHL Express Shipping for the US and Canada Post shipping in Canada. 


How much does BOWdometer weigh? 

BOWdometer weights 10 grams. 


How does BOWdometer attach to my bow? 

BOWdometer comes with straps to attach to any bow in seconds – recurve, compound, long bow, crossbow – you get the idea. You can also download 3D printer plans for a standard bolt mount. 


Can I customize BOWdometer to match my bow setup? 

Definitely! We have a template you can download for any vinyl cutter to make your own custom cover.  


How do I get the BOWdometer app? 

The BOWdometer app is available in the Google Play store and the Apple App Store.


How many batteries does BOWdometer use? 

None! BOWdometer has a built-in rechargable battery and includes a USB cable for charging.  


How long does BOWdometer stay charged for? 

The charge lasts around 20 hours of active use, and up to one week (7 days) of standby. We recommend charging BOWdometer after you’re done shooting.